Karen Sochar Art Workshop

Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics and Sculpture

Celebrate your Birthday and Special Events


Your child may choose one of these special art projects.

Party guests take home the finished artwork as a "party favor."


FINE ART DRAWINGS: A fine art drawing lesson allows for children to express themselves in the style of an artist with the medium most desired (ie. color chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolor, tempra, markers, lead pencil, prismacolors, etc.). Other lessons include cartoon enlargement; chalk pastel drawings of actual flowers; drawing from a spring flower arrangement or your child's favorite stuffed animal, object or wrapped gifts; charcoal figurative drawings with a model, etc.


FUN ABSTRACT SCULPTURES:  Various shapes are painted with bright colors, holographic glitters and/or papers, colorful wire or pipe cleaners can be added to create a "Calder-like" stabile.


SPRING FLOWER POT: Create your prettiest flower(s), paint a flower pot with your own design and add plaster so that it blooms forever.


3-D HANGING SEA-LIFE, CREATURE OR OBJECT SCULPTURES: Drawings of your favorite sea life, creature or object are created, painted, sparkled and stuffed to hang in your own room!  Fish, Dinosaurs and Ice Cream cones are favorites!


BEAN BAG SOFT SCULPTURES: Soft sculptures are created with fabric, hot glue guns and beans.  Final detailing is done with fabrics, glitters, rhinestones, beads… (ie. fish, worms/caterpillars, cats, puppies, hearts, pumpkins, bats, spiders)


WOOD SHAPES FOR YOUR PLANTS, PLANTERS, DESKS OR HOME:  Select a flower, fish, dinosaur, bird or other available shape to be painted with acrylics, then decorated with gold/silver or colorful markers and/or glitters.


WOOD COLLAGE SCULPTURES: Using a variety of wood shapes and sizes, an abstract composition is spray-painted and then patina's add color to original creations. Hot glue nails, wire, beads, screws, depending on interest of the child.


PLASTER RELIEF SCULPTURES: Create an original 3-D sculpture by pressing objects, fingers, hands, etc. into wet clay with overlapping textures.  Pour plaster into the wet clay design to create a positive sculpture for kids to paint/patina.


SCULPEY FACE PINS: Create a face using sculpey, bake and add a pin on the back for wearable art!


FOAM ART PINS: Create an abstract art pin using foam art, beads, pearls, sequins, rhinestones, lace, etc.


HEMP BRACELETS:  Learn square & spiral knots used with beads to create a bracelet, anklet or necklace! (10yrs+)


SHRINK A DINKS: Create a key chain, necklace or art tag for your luggage, backpack, lunch or tote bag!  Kids enjoy seeing their designs shrink to one-half its size within minutes in our toaster oven, then it's ready to wear or use!




Many other 2-D and 3-D projects are available upon consultation with you and your child. Art projects usually require 1.5 to 2 hours and are adaptable to ages 5 and up.  Special projects can be provided for ages 3 and up, upon request.  Please schedule your party one-month in advance.  Special orders can be customized to fit with your birthday party theme and may require 60 days notice or more.


For one-hour projects, an average minimum of $25/child/hour applies. For two hours, a fee of $40/child applies.  The fee includes consultation and all materials, unless otherwise specified. Please add $50 for travel and packing if the party is at your place. Decorations and clean-up of food and decorations are up to you (with access to studio 1/2 hr prior to art project).


LA Arts Academy looks forward to sharing your special day with you and your family!